Bijoux by Carole

Bespoke Jewellery from Ireland, with a Moorish, Breton influence.

Why buy one of my pieces?

When you buy a piece of jewellery on BijouxbyCarole, you buy a unique piece. In a world where most things are disposable and discarded easily, my pieces are sustainable and upcycled from existing pieces of jewellery or repurposed such as the lovely oyster shells collected by my kids on our local beach.

Beautiful handmade creations. I highly recommend Bijoux by Carole

Helen Barry
Helen Barry Wellness

Great selection of pieces and good  advise was offered for the Man who wants to get his partner that something unique - highly recommended

Jack Byrne

Beautiful, creative pieces Would be popular in USA.

Jillian Coffey McGowan
Boston, Massachusetts

About Bijoux by Carole

Carole Menon Byrne

Store Owner

I have always had a passion for jewellery and fashion in general but when life as we knew it came to a sudden halt due to Covid-19 and we were confined at home for weeks in March 2020, I saw this as an opportunity to start doing what I had always wanted to do - make my own pieces (which incidentally helped me to somewhat keep it together throughout the confinement!)

My statement pieces are BOLD, big and mostly colorful and each one has been lovingly and carefully upcycled or repurposed to have a second long and happy life!  

I hope my customers enjoy wearing those pieces as much as I enjoyed making them.


Based in Swords, North Co. Dublin, Ireland. We generally work in the Studio from 9am to 6pm five to six days a week. Happy for clients to call in to see the pieces in person, if you want to make an appointment.

Dublin, Ireland

Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Studio Hours

9am -6pm



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